Kontrast Project


Change is the only constant we can rely on. And change either destroys or renews. The human life is one of constant change. Our faces are renewed with every smile, frown, laugh and worry and leave a permanent mark as a reminder of life lived. And the ultimate destination of the human condition is one of destruction.

Mainstream fashion is no different and the status quo is constant destruction through flimsy materials, designs with short lasting appeal and a constant rush to keep up. In a world with limited resources this is simply not sustainable. We in Kontrast Project seek other solutions that lead to a more sustainable outcome. We choose to embrace constant renewal. The simple lines of our designs are made with timeless appeal in mind, our materials soften and mould as they are worn and our colours will change beautifully with every wash. We believe that this tranquil approach to fashion will enable people to appreciate and take care of what they wear